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Interactive Lens, is a creative studio focused on creating immersive augmented reality experiences and development solutions for Microsoft HoloLens.


Augmented Reality

Interactive Holograms + real world environments creates a unique augmented reality experience.

Immersive Experience Design

Designing simple, easy-to-use AR/VR experiences is critical to the long-term success of immersive environments.


Unity / C# Development

HoloLens Development relies on utilizing the powerful technologies of Unity, C# and the Universal Windows Platform.

What Tech Journalists are saying about HoloLens

Ever since Microsoft announced the HoloLens, the technology world has been mezmorized by it.

It seems to be the first augmented-reality device done right.

HoloLens has the potential to change the way we perceive the world around us, and to truly extend and augment reality. Depending on the final product and the limits of our imagination, we may reach, or even surpass, many elements of the imaginary “Star Trek” holodeck technology.”

Jurica Dujmovic


The HoloLens is wondrous. It blew me away.

The HoloLens isn’t a gimmick. Microsoft has clearly put a great deal of engineering work into this project. When you put on the device, which looks a lot like ski goggles, you see three-dimensional digital controls — like buttons, lines and pictures — as well as the sheep from the video game Minecraft superimposed on the world around you.”

Farhad Manjoo

New York Times

This is what makes Star Wars-like holograms possible.

The magic of HoloLens is a combination of see-through holographic lenses, an array of sensors, and the processing required to understand your gestures, gaze, voice, and the environment around you. It’s tempting to compare it to the work Google did with its Glass project, but the HoloLens is trying something different and it feels more immersive as a result.”

Tom Warren

The Verge

Want to Experience HoloLens?

We offer private 2 hour demos at your location (Greater Denver Area) so you can fully experience the future and powerof Augmented Reality in HoloLens.

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